Professional Indemnity & Liability Experts

Professional Liability Brokers are Independent Brokers, and part of the Ten Broker Network. We provide specialist advice to clients for their business insurance needs, offering advice relating to  Professional Indemnity Insurance, Public and Employers Liability Insurance, Legal Expenses (befor eand after the event) Insurance, Office and “Office from home” Package Insurance, Cyber Liability Insurance and Directors & Officers Insurance.


Our advice

We provide fast, informal, reassuring and informed advice – we believe in creating a dialogue with our clients and have the expertise to ensure they are enabled to make educated decisions.

We aim to make the insurance process as efficient and painless as possible.

As Independent Brokers, and being part of a larger Network that controls in excess of £100m of clients’ premiums, we are able to use the whole insurance market to create bespoke propositions for clients of all sizes and needs.

We believe all our clients deserve unique attention – by using us you receive:

  • access to a wide choice of products from the majority of insurance markets
  • independent advice on suitable insurance protection
  • representation in claims handling and settlements
  • dealing with a regulated business authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority
  • risk management advice by identifying, measuring, managing and controlling risk and where appropriate can give advice on health and safety, fire prevention and premises security
  • clear information and documents
  • clear explanation of cover and cost of the policy including any fees applicable
  • fair treatment in the event of a complaint, with the additional assurance of the Financial Ombudsman Service
  • eligible customers are protected by the Government-backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme

We’re here to help you at every step of the insurance process: from how to submit the most professional submission to assisting you in the unfortunate event of a claim. It’s our reputation that is at risk as well as yours, and so we take pride in how we manage claims, ensuring your peace of mind.

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