Engineers Professional Indemnity Insurance

Engineers have been one of the hardest hit professions since 2021 for Professional indemnity Insurance. As retraction of market capacity.
A withdrawal of a number of Insurers and Lloyd’s Syndicates has inevitably created a supply and demand problem, leading to increased rates and reduced coverage being generally available.
There are many disciplines that an Engineer can be responsible for, from Civil, to structural to Geo-technical to Heating & Ventilating amongst many. It is important to use an experienced broker that knows which market is most suitable for your area of expertise.

All Construction professionals are facing significant challenges in securing Professional Indemnity cover at reasonable rates or even cover at all,  due to the contraction in the Professional Indemnity Insurance Market

Example Claims

Civil works to embankment

Collapsed due to unstable subsurface conditions not being detected by geotechnical engineer. Settled for £500,000.

Faulty aid conditioning design

The insured designed and supervised the installation of the building services in an office block. Operational difficulties became apparent with the air-conditioning, allegedly due to a design fault. Amount paid: £150,000

Design of heating system in factory

Refurbishment proved inadequate following miscalculations. Extra units required, costing £29,000.

Breaches of building regulations

Claim filed against the engineer and eight other parties on the  contract. This approach used by Claimant’s Solicitor incurred significant costs even though claim was successfully defended.

Refurbishment of noise test facility

Contract terminated citing delays due to design inadequacies, requiring complete re-fabrication to comply with pressure-equipment regulations. Claim: £1,500,000.

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