Freelance Solicitors Professional Indemnity

Freelance Solicitors require Professional Indemnity Insurance that complies with  SRA regulations, arranging adequate and appropriate cover if providing reserved legal services to the public.

What differences are there between a Consultant Solicitors and Freelance Solicitors Insurance?

As a Consultant Solicitor you must operate under the umbrella of a fully regulated SRA firm whose Professional Indemnity Insurance almost always provides cover for work you undertake but a Freelncer Solicitor must purchase his own Insurance.

Freelance Solicitors we can help

  • Anticipated Fees greater than £20,000
  • Over 5 years Post Qualified Experience
  • a clean claims experience

Freelance Solicitors we will find difficult to arrange Insurance for

  • Overseas Exposure
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Work
  • IP Work
  • Commercial Work for Public Companies
  • More than 20% Commercial Litigation
  • any Financial Services Work

What is a Freelance Solicitor?

Is a self-employed individual who:

  • practises on their own, without employing anyone else in connection with the services they provide.
  • practises in their own name, and not under a trading name or through a service company
  • Is engaged and paid directly by clients

Full SRA Authorisation is needed if:


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