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Request a RTM Company D&O/Trustees Quotation

Complete this simple questionnaire to obtain a quick quotation without any obligation to purchse. The policy is designed to protect RTM companies and their Directors.

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You confirm that you operate strictly on a not for profit basis and for the benefit of Your members.
You confirm that you are NOT a professional Property Management Company
Do you currently insure for combined Directors and Officers/Professional Indemnity cover?
You have procedures in place to control all incoming and outgoing money and carry out checks at regular intervals to ensure all cheques and other outgoing funds have been properly drawn and correctly accounted for
Do You use a managing agent to hold Your service charge fees and other funds?
You can confirm that you have obtained a copy of the current Client Money Protection Scheme Certificate from Your Managing Agent.


You, or Your Trustees, Directors, Officers, Committee Members or Managers, are not aware of any claim(s) that have been made in the past, or any circumstance(s) that could give rise to a claim being made in the future, against any of Your Trustees, Directors, Officers, Committee Members or Managers acting in their capacity as a Trustee, Director, Officer, Committee Member or Manager of You or any other company or organisation, involving the following:

  • Your employees or volunteers (including but not limited to Employment Tribunals
  • Your customers
  • Your former or current trustees, directors, officers, committee members, managers or shareholders
  • Government authorities e.g. Charities Commission, HM Revenue & Customs, Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform, Environment Agency
  • Accountants, liquidators or receivers
  • or any other person or entity not mentioned above.

This is regardless of whether or not the claim(s) or circumstance(s) has been notified to a current or previous Insurer

Processing of Personal Data:

You give Us or consent to use the information We may hold about You for the purpose of providing insurance and handling claims and to process sensitive personal data about You where this is necessary in compliance
with the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018). This may necessitate providing such information to third parties.



The Covid-19 crisis poses challenges for the insurance broking community of all types and sizes. We have enacted a comprehensive continuity plan to minimise disruption to our customer support by phone or on-line which ensure that we maintain momentum in delivering Professional Indemnity Solutions to our customers. Support is available via your usual contacts on previous telephone lines (redirected at no extra cost to you) for questions about service, support, and key documents.